Cauliflower and brousel sprouts cream soup


  • Half of a cauliflower head
  • A handful of brousel sprouts
  • Parsley
  • 1 big carrot
  • 2 medium size patatoes
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Thym
  • 2 tablespoons of sour cream

First you slice the patatoes and prepare the stove with water. Add a pinch of salt while it is still cold. When it starts to boil, add the patatoes.

Then slice all the other vegetables( cauliflower, brousel sprouts, parsley and carrot) is small pieces and add them into the water.

Let it cool for about 30 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked.

Divide the vegetables and the soup(water) into two different bowls. First blend the vegetables until you get a smooth creamy texture. The you slowly add the water, not all at once, and continue mixing.

Put the creamy soup back on the heat wait for it to boil again. Meanwhile add the sour cream and spices. I used just salt, pepper and thyme.

You can directly serve the soup. I suggest putting sautéed brousel sprouts in it.



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